½Link titleHere is a list of mods for games in the Call of Duty series.


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Call of DutyEdit


List of mods :

  • SWAT (total conversion mod)
  • AWE game mod
  • Breaking 50 Paintball game mod
  • Revolt (total conversion mod)
  • Zombies Mod (semi conversion mod)
  • SPLinT _CeLL's Minigun
  • your mom
  • Hellfire's Tin Tank
  • All weapon mod (in multiplayer all countries can use all guns)
  • Camo weapons (all weapons have camouflage applied)
  • gsm_assualt_codsp (Puts blood & gore in the campaign)
  • zzzzz_30cal (final) (puts in a higher fire rate for the 30 cal)
  • Jap banners (replaces Nazi banners with Japanese banners)
  • Hitler youth banner (replaces Nazi banner)
  • German Labour front flags (replaces Nazi banner)
  • Luffwaffe Flag (replaces Nazi banner)
  • Waffen SS banners (replaces Nazi banners)
  • PPSh-41 black skin (gives the PPSh-41 a black finish)
  • Menu skin (Blue skin background)
  • Purple desert eagle skin
  • Many different weapon models
  • Soldier skin
  • New grenade launcher
  • loading window

Call of Duty:United OffensiveEdit

List of mods:

descargar call of duty united offensivo
  • Revolt_3x UO
  • Revolt_4x UO
  • Merciless for UO 4.5
  • Pulslce's Rifles Only UO
  • WRM(Wolfsbane Realism Mod)Version 6

Call of Duty 2Edit

Call of duty 2 logo

List of mods:

  • admiral mod
  • zombie mod
  • tommy gun with round drum
  • all weapon mod
  • weapon skins
  • custom main menu
  • Matador:

- Blood on Ai bodies (based on hit location and weapon) - Blood on player hands - Extra gore (configurable) - Blood splatters on the ground/wall - Pain/death sounds (configurable) - Blood pools under the player when killed - Blood on player camera - Bleeding - Custom HUD - 2 new grenades (Firegrenade, Gasgrenade) - Ai can get decapitated (configurable) - Projectile/grenade weapons will gib - sprinting(configurable) - switch trough your different nadetypes(smoke,gas,fire) - call airstrikes - use flamethrower (ai/player)

  • Massacre:

- New Damage skins, More Detailed, More Blood - New Weapons skins, these are some random i just made up really fast, not very detailed - New Weapons added: Scoped mp44, scoped m1carbine, FG42, Dual mag. mp40 - Sprint Time Increased - Earthquake Effect added for Barrel Explosion, your screen will Shake !)

  • all rifles mod (gives lots of rifles)
  • Heros of ww2 gives your allies whatever gun that is in your hands
  • Scoped weapons
  • Lightsaber
  • Double damage
  • Character skins

Call of Duty 3Edit

List of mods:
Call of Duty 3 logo screen

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit


List of mods:

  • Paintball (total conversion mod)
  • Alien (total conversion mod)
  • Zombie (total conversion mod)
  • Pumpkin(Turns all watermelons into pumpkins)
  • Boycott Barrels(An explosive barrel skin)
  • Energy Barrels(Another skin that shows the barrels as Energy Drinks)
  • Star Wars(Has the shots sound and look like blasters)
  • Vehicles(Allows vehicles to be placed on the map)
  • Zombies vs. Mutants(Team Deathmatch with different skins)
  • USMC Black(Gives USMC players a black suit)
  • Weapons(Allows weapons from previous Call of Duty games to be used)
  • Star Wars: Galactic Warfare (total conversion mod)
  • Frontlines (Total conversion mod)
  • Weapon bots (This mod uses the base of the pezbots mod but then has a range of customized weapons and skins created by me as well as some custom music)
  • Flyer Mod (allows you to drive vehicles)
  • Veterans day skin
  • High Resolution pack
  • Shiny weapons (gives all guns,grenades and perk equipment gold camo)
  • Bloodworks (new weapon skins and unlocks all of the last class guns (mp44,gold desert eagle,etc.))
  • gsm_vehicles_cod4 (gives the vehicles camo)
  • Ultimate desert eagle skin pack (new textures for desert eagle)
  • Outcast4567s improved woodland (or desert) marpat (changes the USMC skin)
  • Reign of the undead (new co-op mode)
  • Zombie mod (-200 ranks
    -HP/mine stealing protection]
    -redirects to other servers
    -two special abilities for each zombie (fast zombie only has skulls)
    -'repel zombies' ability for hunters
    -rank 200 abilities
    -5 easter eggs
    -zombie/hunter counters
    -high scores
    -golden guns
    -added unlocks every 33 ranks, and a shortcut/unlock menu for help)
  • PEZbot-Multiplayer bots (acts as combat training for black ops)
  • KG64_Cnopicilin's realism mod (makes the weapons exactly like they are in real life)
  • no zoom (doesn't zoom your weapon in while aiming down sights)
  • Real_Weapon_Sounds (Puts in recordings of actual weapons)
  • Weapon skins (gives all the weapons realistic skins)
  • Vehicle textures(gives the vehicles new textures)
  • Battle pack skin pack (changes everyone's costumes)
  • Cod4 Beer Bottles (changes the barrel skins)
  • MK23 (New gun)
  • Melle sword (gives a sword for knife)
  • Pink mp44 (new camo for mp44)
  • Nickel plated weapons (nickel plates your weapons)
  • Menu mod (puts a black hawk rappel instead of shoulder)
  • Sniper zoom (multiple zoom levels)

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

Cod5 logo big

List of mods:

  • Zombie Vacant (map mod)
  • Give All Cheat

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit


List of mods:

  • 10th prestige lobby hack
  • Infinite ammo hack
  • Gamemode mods (unlocks diffrent gamemodes)
  • Super speed hack
  • Aimbot hack
  • Wallhack
  • Super Jumping Hack
  • Unlock Everything Hack

Call of Duty: Black opsEdit

List of mods:

  • DOA Non-Clip Cheat
  • Max Ammo Cheat
  • Table Glich
  • Apple Glich
  • Give All Cheat

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3Edit

List of mods:
256px-Modern warfare 3

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